You’re Lying to Yourself About Rustic Weddings and You Don’t Even Know It!

You’re Lying to Yourself About Rustic Weddings and You Don’t Even Know It!

Rustic is a popular design trend. This is thanks to the popularity of TV shows like “The Pioneer Woman” and “Fixer Upper.” On Pioneer Woman she lives on a farm. And likes to share her life of living on the farm. And she is busy rebuilding the old downtown of the nearest town in Oklahoma. I went to college about fifty miles from where she lives. I can tell you they are in the definition of the middle of nowhere.

I have a stronger connection with Fixer Upper. I grew up in Waco. I practiced soccer near their farm in China Springs. They have fixed up homes of people I grew up with. But we never called anything “shiplap.” We just called it “old wood.”

But I cannot deny that there is a fascination with farm and barn weddings. In this article, we will go through some of the benefits of a barn wedding and how to get the best deal.


What do you imagine when you think of the word “barn”? Do you imagine a rustic old wooden shack that has the musty smell of old hay and horses? Or is your idea of a barn, a permanent structure? One that was built hundreds of years ago out of stone and mortar by forgotten stonemasons. I grew up in the Midwest and Southern prairies, so when I think of a barn, I conjure up the wooden shacks that seem about as idyllic as horse poop. But don’t worry - professional wedding venues have converted their barns into something out of a daydream.


There are many benefits of getting married in a wedding venue that has a barn.

If you want to get married outside, you will need to have a plan on how to hold your wedding if Mother Nature decides to rain on your ceremony. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to have a scramble for an indoor ceremony. And while you could get a tent, it’s not as romantic as a historic barn.

But if it remains a nice day, then you can still get married outside.

Of course one of the best benefits of a barn is that it provides your reception hall. You can get married and hold your reception in the same location.

A charming barn also automatically adds character to your wedding. It reduces the amount of money you need to spend on decorations. The barn itself will do the heavy lifting. All you need to do to make it your own is add some flowers and a little tissue paper.


I have talked with many owners of wedding barns. They insist that you should not limit your idea to a farm or rustic wedding. You can have a fancy wedding or a simple wedding it is up to you. Getting married in a barn does bring its unique challenges.

The first question to ask your barn owner is what kind of floor does the barn have. Some barns will have a finished floor, and others will still have a dirt floor.

Both types have their pluses and minuses when it comes to your wedding.

The finished floor will allow you to hold your wedding in any weather and allow you to wear any shoe. But if you’re trying for that rustic vintage theme a polished floor in a barn can ruin that illusion.

On the other hand, a dirt floor may still get muddy if it’s a rainy day. Thus you may still need a backup plan for your wedding even though you are getting married inside a covered structure.


You should also ask about the bathroom situation. Not all barns will have their bathrooms. They may have a bathroom on site, or you may need to rent your portable bathroom. Even if you have to bring in your bathroom, it doesn’t have to be those disgusting construction site contraptions. I’ve seen nice ones deployed at fairs and even at a big box department store that was undergoing remodeling. They were even nicer than some hotel bathrooms I’ve had the pleasure to use.


When selecting your wedding venue, ask about their HVAC system. In particular, if it’s a repurposed barn. There barns that were originally built to house animals, hay, and tractors. These didn’t come equipped with nice floors and central air. And they may still be located on a working farm. Where the owner simply rents out the barn during wedding season. Or to make extra money from a barn they no longer need.

On the other hand, the barn may have been remodeled. If you have seen the episode of Fixer Uppers where they rebuilt a barn into a house you know you can take one of the structures and equip it with all of the requirements of modern life. Or the barn itself might have been built specifically for use as a wedding and event facility. So it will have nice floors, lighting, a kitchen, heating, air conditioning and of course bathrooms.

Just make sure to check with your venue to see how they are equipped. And discuss with your partner about what your specific requirements are.


You should also ask about catering preparation area. Some barns will have a place for caterers to prepare your reception and others will not. Once you know, then you can let your wedding caterers know how to plan accordingly. Though if your caterer has to prepare offsite and truck everything in, this may limit your food options. In this case, a BBQ with pulled pork, chopped brisket and all of the fixings would be a good idea. And fit well with any barn venue.

A barn wedding is a popular wedding venue. In particular for brides who want a rustic theme. But you are not limited to just a farm-themed simply because you’re getting married in a barn. Make sure to check out the basics of the barn such as what type of floor, whether it has bathrooms and any special needs for your catering company.

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