Your Ultimate List of Bachelorette Party Supplies

Your Ultimate List of Bachelorette Party Supplies

Planning a bachelorette party for the special bride-to-be in your life? Well, buckle up because you're in for a wild ride.

A lot more goes into planning this momentous night of debauchery than you may think. Without the proper preparation, you could end up in a real mess.

We have all the details you need in order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Keep reading for the ultimate list of bachelorette party supplies that will make the perfect night.

Let's get started!


When it comes to getting from A-Z, don't leave transportation organization until the last minute. Make sure that you have previously organized a way to get around town.

Whether the bride is a limo kind of girl, or she'd rather be toted around on a bicycle rickshaw by a shirtless hunk, make sure that you plan ahead on this one. A group of 15 girls waiting around for a fleet of taxis every time you need to switch bars is not cute!


On her special night, your betrothed bestie should be embraced by a constant flow of firewater. This means bottles of champagne in the limo, shots at the bar, and plenty of "roadies" in between.

Make sure that you are well-stocked with her favorite booze of choice, and don't forget mixers and chasers! Also, be sure that you have some mocktail options if any members of the celebratory gang aren't drinking.

Custom Hashtag

Long gone are the days of waiting for photos to develop and sending out physical albums. We are living in the age of Instagram and Facebook - so embrace it!

Unlike the rules of sharing photos of the wedding itself, bachelorette parties are not off limits. Post away!

Keep all of the photos of your bachelorette bash accessible on social media by creating a bachelorette hashtag. Make sure that each member of the party knows to include it in each and every post.

And if you're having a hard time thinking of one, check out these ideas for inspiration. Or get a group chat going to enlist ideas from the other girls.


This is on our list of bachelorette party supplies because it is important and incredibly easy to forget! No one can party for 24 hours straight.

Make sure that you schedule downtime to give the party gals some space to relax. Whether that means breaks at your hotel or a nice trip to the spa for mani-pedis and massages, your bride will need time to chill out and keep her energy reserves full for all the adventures you have planned!

Portable Tunes

What's a bachelorette party without some throwback music from your bride's glory days? A great way to keep the tunes pumping all night is by adding a portable speaker to your list of bachelorette party supplies.

This way, the party won't die when you're walking in between bars or hanging at your hotel. Make a playlist ahead of time with all of her favorite music!

Want to make things extra cute? Have her partner record a special message for her, and play it at just the right time!

Phone Chargers

What's a bachelorette party recipe for disaster? 10 girls, running wild through a city, all with phones at 3% battery.

Make sure that in your handy bag of wonders, you pack all models of phone chargers, and some mobile charging sticks as well. Communication is key - and if someone separates from the group, make sure that you'll be able to reach them at all times!

Snacks & Water

If you and the girls are going to be throwing back some drinks throughout the night, it's extremely important to remember to eat and hydrate as well! In fact, studies have shown that eating certain foods can even prevent hangovers.

Keep your bride's favorite snacks to munch on in your transportation, or a backpack to have with you throughout the night. And stock up on water bottles or be sure to continuously order glasses of water with every drink at the bar.

Reservations & Bookings

Bachelorette party supplies aren't always physical things. Reservations and bookings are important to add to your list as well.

Don't think you can just waltz into the hottest restaurant in town and ask for a table for 7 last minute. Or drop by a spa unannounced and request a bunch of immediate pampering.

Reserve tables at the club, snag tickets for that Magic Mike show she's been dying to see, or whatever else her premarital heart desires. You'll be glad you planned ahead!


What bride-to-be doesn't want to be showered with gifts before her big day? Even if she says she doesn't want anything -- she does.

How often do we get to experience special nights that are all about us? Once a year, on our birthdays if we're lucky?

Take this opportunity to shower your special lady with everything she deserves. She will surely cherish these gifts for the rest of her life.

Themed Bachelorette Party Supplies

You already know what we're talking about. Sashes, crowns, penis straws, wedding-themed t-shirts... and any other creative and mildly embarrassing accessories you can think of.

A great rule of thumb for these, however, is to not make them too embarrassing. Is everyone else in the bar going to hate on your group? Is the bride-to-be going to feel uncomfortable?

Strive for the happy medium in between boring and annoying and you'll be in great shape. Also -- bachelorette party supplies that can also be taken home as souvenirs and lasting memories are always appreciated!

You Got This, Girl!

We told you bachelorette parties involve a lot of planning! But thankfully, with this master list, you'll be an unstoppable planner who's got it going on in all the right places.

Just remember to keep the bride-to-be in mind at all times when creating your own list of bachelorette party supplies. If she feels considered, loved, and special, then you can't go wrong!

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