Why Are Wedding Photographers Expensive

Why Are Wedding Photographers Expensive

The next question was why are wedding photographers so expensive and what are some tips to save money? So the thing is, I know I’ll let me start over. So the reason why people get apprehensive about the cost of wedding photographers is because it’s a job that to an outsider seems easy, particularly again, because we’re all carrying cameras in our pockets. We’re used to all taking so many photos. I take more photos on a daily basis and I think I did in the first forty years of my life a bit because of our smart phones are so easy to use and they’re always with us. Uh, but the thing is that again, interesting, it’s something about a wedding photographer, what they’re doing. So I think first off is you’re paying for their expertise. Again, they are going to know how to make sure everybody is properly staged.

A, they’re properly lit, everybody is going to look their best. And of course, uh, we’re paying for their time when they’re actually shooting a wedding. They cannot be doing anything else. And on top of that, they do have to also factor in the cost of what it takes to get to the, a wedding, a, the setup, the actual taking the photo and as well as the processing, editing a of all of this. Uh, so I again, is what you have to figure into why, how much it, you know, a photographer is going to charge you. And of course a photographer who’s well known and good at their job and in demand is going to cost more than somebody who’s just starting out. Um, so let’s talk about a couple ways what you can do to, uh, to save money with professional wedding photographers. So, uh, first thing to do is look at doing a off peak and this actually is a good way to save money just in general with your wedding.

So there is a wedding season. Uh, I’m recording, uh, my answer here, uh, when, uh, we’re, it’s actually on a Christmas Day, uh, and the peak, we’re right in the peak of engagement season. So it was basically between Thanksgiving and say Valentine’s Day is when almost half of all of engagements on an annual basis are proposed or start, you know, basically the wedding proposals are given. And that means that typically our summer months, uh, are the height of wedding season because people need time at least a few months, six, seven months to plan a wedding up in a year. Uh, and then summer the weather’s nicer. It’s easier for people to get time off. That’s why, you know, summer is sort of considered wedding season. But if you can agree to get married in off peak time, so meaning maybe, for example, it’s in the winter or in the spring, also avoid Saturdays.

Uh, so for example, if you could have like a wedding, you know, on a Wednesday, uh, in, say early spring, uh, sometime in the autumn, that’s naturally probably going to be cheaper than if you got married on a Saturday and say June. Another thing you can do to save money is to expand your horizons about where you get married. Uh, don’t just get married in your own city. So look around at pricing for the areas within, say 25 up to a hundred miles around you, depending on how large of a city you live in, you’ll find out that the pricing is quite a bit different. Uh, and the final thing is to do is look for people who are just beginning in the industry. Uh, there’s always seems to be a new crop of people coming in here breaking into wedding photography. Uh, and again, we’re not looking for amateurs.

You want somebody who’s really taking this seriously, has some experience at being a photographer, but maybe they’re just now starting the wedding photography business, or perhaps this is something they do as a sideline hobby. Uh, no, I’m sorry I shouldn’t say hobby, but doing a sideline business, again, we don’t want a hobbyist. We want a professional. But for example, would fight someone who’s just starting out in the industry or who’s doing this as a sideline income, secondary income, they’ll often charge you a better rate than somebody who’s a full time expert who’s a, has a backlog of clients. Uh, so those are just some tips you can use, uh, to help, uh, uh, save money on your wedding photographer and getting a better idea of why, you know, photographer charges, what they do.

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