Who Edits Wedding Photos

Who Edits Wedding Photos


question is who edits wedding photos?


In the case of who edits your wedding photos, again, this is a discussion you should have upfront with your wedding photographer. I would expect personally, I would expect the wedding photographer to do at least the basic editing of your photos, meaning a cropping out, any, you know, obvious things that need to be cropped out. Uh, prepare it, repairing any kind of blemishes, discoloration, getting all the photo a colors properly, set up, all these things that go into having a really superior photo. A, that’s what I expect. One of the tasks the wedding photographer should do. Uh, I would not myself volunteer to take on and just edit my wedding photos even though wedding or even editing photos these days is very easy. Uh, and it’s something we all do on a regular basis as we, you know, play around with their photos on social media. Um, but again, I think that’s where one thing I would say is, and it would depend on the type of photos.

So for example, again, you know, I would expect your wedding photographer for all the official, all the additional photos and make sure that they’re doing the proper edits properly because you want those to turn out the best. Uh, and, and not only that, it’s just, it’s time, right? We don’t, we’re all busy. So let the wedding photographer a take care, take care of that. Uh, but then again, if you have the photos in your hand and it’s your photos and your, you know, assuming that there’s, you’re allowed to do whatever you want with your own photos, ah, after you received them, then you can of course go in and add yourself to do what you want. For example, put them into a collage, um, uh, putting any kind of backgrounds on them, uh, uh, put them together, you know, maybe you mix and match them together or do all those sorts of fun things people were able to do with photos these days, uh, as part of a social media. So hopefully that helps answer the question about who, who edits your wedding photos.

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