Totally Devious Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Totally Devious Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

The average wedding costs around $36,000. That’s a lot of cheese. And it can be a challenge to get all of that money to hold a wedding. Even if you have multiple people chip in from across the family.

There is an idea I’ve had to help pay for the wedding. And it doesn’t involve using one of those money raising sites. I’m not opposed to those sites. If you want to use them, then that’s great.

But I’m a big a fan of the side hustle. This website started as a side hustle. There’s some things you can do. You could first start by getting up early before the rooster wakes. And hit the garage sales. Then flip those products on eBay and Amazon. Amazon has this thing called Fulfilled by Amazon. This lets you put products on Amazon. And they take care of selling and delivery just like the products you buy.

Or you can offer other services. For example, you could read to kids. Edit a paper. Or perhaps you have technical skills and can offer to update a website or Facebook page for business.

Planning your wedding day is fun. And to be clear, many people (in particular girls) dream of this day for most of their life. Yet, 36 grand is a tough pill to swallow as we said. And while you can make some extra money on the side. You can make all of the money you have to go farther if you use these tips.

1. If you have a creative art friend they can make your invitations

Physical wedding invitations are still important. Digital ones have a lot of problems. People don’t give you the correct email address. They don’t check it. Or it ends up in the SPAM folder. Plus they are not sentimental and can’t become a souvenir. Physical invitations can be expensive. One way to save on them is to have a friend (or even you) who is good at art create them for you. Then you can use print on demand services to print and even mail them to you.

2. Get married during the off-season

Research your venues. They will have busier months and even specific days of the week that are busier than others. By using this information, you can negotiate a better offer by using their venue during their slow days. Another way to save on venues is to expand your search to all venues within a 50-mile radius. That is short enough that your guests can easily drive there. But can let you find the perfect venue in a smaller city that doesn’t have the competition.

3. Hire a new wedding photographer

Photos are important to a wedding. And you want good photos of your wedding. Nothing ruins your memory faster than horrible wedding photos. Which is what will happen if you decide to avoid paying a professional wedding photographer. And instead, ask family and friends to take them with their phones. Phone cameras are a great way to add flavor to your wedding memories. But don’t make them your official photos. If you can’t afford the top of the line professional, then you can look for a professional looking to make their name. They will often cut you a better deal. And don’t forget to look for videographers and even drone video. Drones can give you a true cinematic feeling for your outdoor wedding. But we’ll save more details about that for a different article.

4. Potluck wedding dinner

The wedding reception is defined by the food, booze, and the dancing. And another dinner with dry chicken or wrapped figs isn’t going to make your wedding memorable. There are many other food options. You could go with BBQ. Or a food truck. You could even hold your wedding during the afternoon and offer only appetizers. Or be fancy and call them tapas. But if you have a family full of cooks there’s another option. And that’s pot-luck. A pot-luck is where a collection of people bring a single dish for everyone to share. If you want to do this, you need to make sure there’s enough food for all of the guests. And you still have to cover things like utensils, plates, and drinks. Or you can mix and match. For example, bring in a BBQ dinner. Then use the pot-luck to provide desserts.

If you want more ideas on how to raise money via side hustle, I like the book “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days” by Guillebeau. Or you can see the Gary Vee 2017 $25,000 challenge.

I’m quite amazed at the options there is to make money today. Even if you were thinking about a side hustle only 20 years ago, the options were so limited. I remember my dad having to have a newspaper route. Another family friend worked at a gas station. There’s nothing wrong with either job. But it was a lot of work. And working overnight at a gas station has a certain level of danger.

Now you can make money by selling homemade slime kits online. Seriously. Slime is a thing now. And I have a friend whose 10-year-old son is selling slime at school. She’s now helping him show how he can sell it via Facebook.

But to be candid, it can take a while for a side hustle to take off. In particular, if you need to cover all of your wedding costs.

That’s why using these tips can help you save money on your wedding. They provide you a variety of options without having to competely give up on having a big ceremony.

Here’s one more tip on saving money on your wedding. That is to have a small, simple formal ceremony with only your closest friends and family. Followed by a nice meal. Then you can have a larger party but much less formal. This can be a lot cheaper. It’s what my wife and I had. Though we did it in reverse. And didn’t recognize that’s what we did until years later.

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