How to Make Pew Bows: The Guide to DIY Large Pew Bows for Your Wedding Decorations

How to Make Pew Bows: The Guide to DIY Large Pew Bows for Your Wedding Decorations

Weddings can be overwhelming even if you have an event planner, but, if you are saving money and doing a DIY wedding, take some pressure off yourself with your DIY wedding decor, by using the Bowdabra!

The Bowdabra is a simple tool which takes the pressure even the least creative person when it comes to creating elegant yet easy DIY decorations for your church wedding. The best way to start your decor is to make your pew bows.

These are easy to make. In particular, if you use something like the Bowdabra. Which allows anyone to quickly create beautiful bows. DIY pew bows that are quick and easy, makes sense, because it not only saves money, can be great fun if you work with your friends and family to put the bows together. It can even be a great project to do at a bridal shower. Start by collecting the material for your bows. You can get lace or decorative mesh or printed cloth.

Next, you will cut your material to the proper size.

After this, you will then take some Bowdabra wire and place it underneath the Bowdabra itself. This will be used to tie the bow together at the end.

Now you make your first large bow per the instructions in the Bowdabra. But you can also see how easy it is to do by watching the video below.

After you make the first large bow you then take your second ribbon or tulle and start billing the bow out of it. This second bow will be smaller than the first bow. The goal is to add visual interest to the bow by adding dimension.

You complete the bow by adding in some kind of flowers or berries to top it off. These can be plastic ones that you pick up from your nearest craft store.

Once all the pieces are in place you then tie them together with the wire.

After you have completed your bows they will be ready to display at your wedding venue. Talk to your wedding venue coordinator to make sure they don’t have any problems with your decorations. There are many ways to attach them to the pews without damaging them. You could use string or lace ribbons. Or possibly sticky attachments like 3M Command Strips. Just make sure whatever you use won’t damage the pews.

Wedding decorations are important. And there’re so many ways to create them. But they don’t have to be expensive. And it’s easy to make your own. One simple way is to make pew bows using the Bowdabera.

And for demonstration we’ve included a video that demonstrates how easy it is to make these large bows below:

And we also have an article about more easy DIY decorations.

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