Summer Wedding Trends For 2018

Summer Wedding Trends For 2018

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. However, this does not mean that you need to stick to summer wedding traditions. There are a number of 2018 summer wedding trends that you can consider to make your wedding perfect.

Using Dynamic Colors

Summer weddings generally have bright colors to match the bright weather. However, if you try to have too many colors in one space, your wedding could end up looking like a carnival. The trend in terms of colors is to stick to sophisticated bright colors and only choose 2 hues.

The use of only 2 hues will keep your wedding space unified. You should only have one dynamic color to make a strong statement at your wedding such as bold orange tablecloths. The centerpieces that you have should also follow the single color rule to pull the room together.

Unexpected Invitations

Another trend for summer weddings that you should consider is unexpected and creative wedding invitations. This is a move away from the more traditional invitations of the past and allows you to have some more personalization. One of the ways that you can change the invitations is to use colors in new and different ways.

Reversing the usual color scheme on the invitations is part of this trend. The traditional use of fuchsia font on a cream invite can be changed to cream front on a fuchsia invitation. You can also mix this up more by changing the material of the invitation. One of the common ideas for this will be to use fabric-printed invitations and escort cards which are ideal for a laid-back summer wedding.

Laid-Back Music

If you have your wedding in the summer, you might want to lighten up the ambiance a bit. The more classical music options are ideal for the formal cocktail times, but if you want to embrace the season you should look for something laid-back. Laid-back music is one of the trends for weddings this year that you should consider.

If you want to create a laid-back feeling during the reception, you can have a singer with a ukulele instead of a traditional band. To liven things up later on, you could look at a classic swing band which offers a more upbeat tempo for your guests. Of course, if there is particular music that you want for your wedding, you should stick to that because it is your big day.

A Summer Wedding Cake

White wedding cakes are popular in any season, but a growing trend is to match the cake to the season. This has been pushed by the fact that bakers are now able to offer a greater range of flavors in your cake. To get into the summer feel, you could look at the flavors that you loved as a child such as strawberries and whipped cream.

Another trend which is linked to the cake is the fact that people are serving more than just wedding cake. Serving other desserts is a great idea and will increase the summer feel of the wedding. You could look at serving some of your favorite summer treats.

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