How to Pick Bridal Shower Favors for Guests

How to Pick Bridal Shower Favors for Guests

If you're in charge of planning a wedding shower, you have a lot on your hands.

You'll be in charge or the food, invitations, guest list, and entertainment. It's easy to forget about the bridal shower favors.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make sure guests take home a reminder of the special day.

Read on for shower favor ideas.

Who is Hosting?

There are no exact rules for who should host the bridal shower. However, traditionally, the maid of honor or bridal party host the wedding shower.

The family of the bride is also often involved in the process. It's customary for the wedding to not be involved in the process in order to give her a break from the planning.

Note that the bridal shower should be a more intimate event and the bride should provide you with the guest list of the people she wishes to have attended.

That being said, it's up to the wedding party to coordinate everything from the venue, food, and bridal shower favors.

The Theme

Choosing the perfect bridal shower decorations depends on the theme you choose for the shower.

The theme could be anything that has a meaning for the bride or groom. For example, a movie, a vacation they might have taken together, or something of the sort. Does the bride have a favorite country?

If the bride loved everything British, you could host a high-tea party. Or if she is a Parisian at heart, you should have a dessert bar with croissants, macarons, and champagne.

You don't have to pick a specific theme for the bridal shower precisely, you can choose a color theme based on the wedding colors.

If you're out of ideas, you could always have a theme according to the season. Let's say if you're having it in the spring or summer, you can have a shower theme based on the colors and smells of the season.

The Budget

The elements of the bridal shower depend on the budget of those planning it. It's common for the shower to be held at someone's house or at a restaurant.

Before making big decisions, the people hosting or co-hosting should plan a budget.

Once the budget is set the host can designate money for all of the components of the shower.

Sometimes they might be too focused on the food that they forget about the bridal shower favors. Afterall, the favors are often forgotten or tossed.

However, with a little creativity, you can give out favors that are affordable and could wow the guests.

Ideas for Bridal Shower Favors

There are infinite ideas to choose from when it comes to bridal shower favors. You can narrow it down based on the theme of the shower and your budget.

You don't have to give out anything extravagant, but you can make it thoughtful.

Personalized Canvas Totes

Canvas totes are a great and thoughtful shower favor because they are functional and will serve many uses for the shower guests.

Depending on your budget, you can monogram them with their names or initials. They'll be able to use them to go to the grocery store and a variety of uses.

Don't forget to make the bride's tote extra special.

Edible Favors

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? When it comes to bridal shower favors, you can't go wrong with giving an edible treat.

Let your imagination run wild and try something new like cake in a jar. A box of macarons, or even personalized m&ms with the bride and groom's initials or wedding date.


Who doesn't love candles? Afterall, they make excellent decorations and smell great. If you feel creative, you can always make DIY candles or personalize them so each guest takes a unique gift with them.

You can get all of the ingredients to make the candles at any craft store.

Essential Oils

If you want guests to leave the shower feeling pampered, you can give them mini jars of personalized essential oils.

Not only do essential oils smell great, plus they are both useful and can help you relax.

Tea or Coffee

Hand out mini bags of fresh coffee beans or tea leaves. The guests will appreciate the gesture and the energy boost. If you choose to hand out the leaves in a bag or jar, personalize it with the wedding details.


Terrariums are inexpensive and they look excellent as decor. They're an easy DIY project you can undertake with the rest of the bridal party.

Mini Wine or Champagne Bottles

Is there anything cuter than getting a mini bottle of wine or champagne as a party favor.

You'll be able to get customized labels for the outside of the bottles with the shower details or even write everyone's name on it.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another shower favor that will be appreciated by the attendees. Try to get your hands on some chalkboard coffee mugs and write them a special message.

Guest will enjoy being able to keep using them after the shower.

Potted Plants

Consider giving out a mini potted plant with either a beautiful flower or some fresh herbs that guests will be able to transfer to a larget pot if they choose to.

Bath Bombs

You can get super creative if you give out bath bombs as a bridal shower favor. You can either get them from a specialty shop or if you're feeling creative you can always make them yourself.

Giving guests favors that will help them get recharged is a lovely touch.

DIY Bath Scrub

Speaking of pampering, why not hand out DIY bath scrub in mason jars. There are countless recipes for you to make your own scrub and hand out as a shower favor.

Ready to Host an Unforgettable Shower?

Remember there are countless ways you can make wedding shower special by choosing a memorable wedding shower favor.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn about how to choose a wedding photographer and other tips, visit our blog.

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