How To Pair Your Engagement Rings Or Wedding Rings With Your Other Rings

How To Pair Your Engagement Rings Or Wedding Rings With Your Other Rings

Today there are no rules for who wears a wedding band and engagement ring combo. This dazzling duo is for everyone! You can and should say yes to an engagement ring to pair with a symbolic wedding band. However, don’t think that your wedding set has to be inclusive of just two rings. You can add more bands and other symbolic rings to your stacked set! And with the stacking trend for rings, this style is a must!

But like all trends there is a right way to rock multiple rings. You don’t want to overwhelm your wedding set, and you definitely don’t want to bury the beauty of any diamonds. The trick to stacking rings is to add bands that complement your wedding set. And you don’t have to keep bands simple and plain…you can absolutely stack in more diamonds or gemstones. If you’re ready to stack your left ring finger with multiple rings, here are a few tips and tricks to stack with style!

Smaller Solitaires

Solitaire engagement rings of all sizes can easily pair with other solitaire rings. To keep this look cool and classy—and not ostentatious—choose other solitaires that are a little smaller than your engagement ring. When you stack those rings against your wedding set, ‘stair step’ the diamonds. That is, you need to stack other solitaires in order of size. This creates a linear design. One word of caution, though, just make sure the diamonds are well protected and don’t bump into each other—a diamond can and will scratch other diamonds. And choose solitaires of similar clarity so the fire remains consistent. Of course, you could choose muted hues of diamonds to draw attention to a colorless engagement ring solitaire.

Gemstone & Diamond Bands

An easy way to add more sparkle and interest to your wedding set is to stack other gemstone encrusted bands against the set. These bands can include diamonds or colorful sapphires, amethyst, rubies or other gems. The stones can be large or small, depending on your style and preference.

Plain Bands

Obviously, plain gold, platinum or silver bands play well with any wedding set. Simple bands are one of the most versatile choices when embracing the stacked trend. Want to add more interest to your set? Choose bands with texture or patterns like rope designs, braided metals or even romantic vines. Integrating different metal hues also creates dimension and contrast.

Shape Up

Not all bands are round and streamlined. Choose squared designs or other geometric shaped bands for contrast and character when embracing the stack. Play around with different architectural looks and rearrange your rings to find the style that you love!

In the Numbers

So how many rings should you stack? This really depends on you, the size of your hand and the look you want to achieve. There are no arbitrary rules for the stacking trend. You can add more rings, especially if your stacked choices include lots of thin bands. Or you may just add one or two thick bands. Or you may add lots of thick bands! This is completely up to your style judgment!

No matter how you choose to stack, play around with different looks, different bands and even more solitaires for a look that captures your style and shows off your amazing wedding set!

This was a guest post by Cassie Brewer.

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