How to Make Your Own Bridesmaid Invitations

How to Make Your Own Bridesmaid Invitations

Congratulations on getting married. After you have let the loved ones know that you are getting married, then you will want to start planning your wedding.

Most weddings are a year or more after the engagement. While it is possible to plan a wedding in a shorter amount of time, there are many reasons why it can take longer.

For example, one of my friends recently proposed to his girlfriend. And she said yes. And his friends were happy but they asked if he could wait an extra year before they held the ceremony. Because so many of their friends were getting married and wanted time to save up.

While you know you need to invite your guests to your wedding, you also must invite your bridesmaids.

You can of course, just ask in person. Or text. Or Snapchat.

But a great way to make it memorable is to send them their own physical invitation.

This will make them feel more special. And will become a treasured keepsake.

One question you will have is what type of invitation should I send? A trendy option is to send DIY or handmade. In particular, after you’ve had a couple glasses of wine and a night on Pinterest. But it’s not always wise to do this. Only send handmade invitations if you don’t like any of the pre-made options. And are ok with spending an afternoon with your glue sticks and glitter.

However, if you’re not thrilled with the pre-made options but are not ready to go full Martha Stewart, you can consider a between choice.

Use the easy to use web app Canva. They have pre-made templates that you can personalize. And with one click you can have them printed at a reasonable price.

You can also hunt on Pinterest. Look for printables so that you don’t have to spend as much time with the glue gun. With printables, you can take the invitations you want and then print them out on quality paper. This way you get the benefit of your own design without wasting a day remembering why you don’t do crafts for a hobby.

Finally, if you are a crafty person and want to make something unique, then you can make your handmade bridesmaid invitations. You can look for tutorial videos on YouTube or you can buy kits on Amazon or at a craft-store. You will want to start by choosing your paper stationery first. Make sure to choose thick quality. And to shop around. Not just for price but you wan to make sure that you know all of your options. In particular, if you haven’t chosen your actual wedding invitations yet.

Choosing your bridal party is one of the most important and exciting times of wedding planning. Make sure to have fun with it. And be less formal with these invites than you will with your formal wedding invitations. And after you get these done check out our article on wedding invitations.

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