Homemade Wedding Decorations - 9 Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

Homemade Wedding Decorations - 9 Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

Meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right? Check.

Falling in love? Check.

Getting engaged? Check.

Plan the wedding? Well...

Sometimes it seems like all the huge milestones in a relationship can be reached with no problem when you've met the one for you. But planning the wedding can be an entirely different thing.

Getting your wedding details down perfect is stressful, and even 1 in 4 men say planning the wedding is more stressful for them than it is for their wives.

Why? Because there are so many details that go into getting your dream wedding to happen. 

As a bride, you'll have your maid of honor and bridesmaids at your side to help with all the details. You can even buy plenty of planners and lists to help you keep track of everything and keep it on schedule.

But what about the decorations? The decor is a huge part of why this amazing event can represent the couple so well. 

Whether it's because the bride and groom chose a theme or the decorations are so fashionably eclectic, the wedding decorations can make or break the overall vibe of the wedding.

These decorations don't have to break the bank, though, and that's why WeddingIntro has put together this guide to some incredible homemade wedding decorations. 

I created WeddingIntro as a way to bring my hobby and interest in weddings onto the web to help other people. I like to say that you can think of me as your wedding research guru because I get things can get hectic while you're planning. 

If you want to make planning your wedding a breeze, keep reading and check out the other blogs and reviews I've written to keep getting great ideas!

Homemade wedding decorations to save your budget

Your wedding decorations are important, but don't let them run away with your budget. 

Doing some DIY before your big day is never a bad thing, and you'd be surprised how many incredible and beautiful decorations you could create yourself with little effort.

And if you get your wedding party together, your decorations could be finished all while you catch up and have some fun. 

It turns out that wedding decorations typically cost almost 2,000 dollars per wedding! That's a ton of money and includes the stress of coordinating with other companies. You're placing your trust and the biggest day of your life in the hands of other people, meaning you've gotta get involved to make sure everything is perfect.

But what if your decorations could be handled at a fraction of that cost and they were done exactly the way you wanted them?

That's when homemade wedding decorations come in handy. They should be at the top of your list when it comes to putting all those personal touches into your wedding. 

To help you get that dream wedding without breaking the bank on your decorations, we've put together our top 9 dream DIY centerpieces!

Made in the stars 

This beautiful astrology piece is simple to make and lets you show off your flair for the arts.

You will want to find nice stock paper and begin to outline the star constellation associated with each astrological sign. 

The homemade wedding decorations (in this case) were painted with gorgeous watercolors, making each piece unique.

Color it up

Weddings don't have to be an all-white affair. Many couples are choosing to add pops of bold color to make their centerpieces festive and stand out.

If you have a color theme for your wedding, the candles can reflect those colors and you can spice it up by picking some complementary colors to add to the mix. 

Love that lasts forever

Traditional flowers will always be in style, but some couples are electing to forgo massive blooms for succulents.

These gorgeous plants are ornate and do well paired together. With pots of varying sizes and shapes, you can DIY your centerpieces to be interesting and modern or lovely and rustic. 

Crystal balls

This truly unique idea of one of my favorites.

You can turn rock candy, which looks like beautiful natural crystal, into ornate pieces that look like flowers.

By attaching the candy around a styrofoam ball and then "planting" it into a pot, you can create some delicious edible flowers for your centerpiece.

Rose gold glitter

You don't have to spend a ton of money to incorporate flowers into your centerpieces.

Instead, creative couples can go for this hip look by picking a selection of their favorite flowers and finding gorgeous bottles or thin vases to showcase a single flower. Group them together and wow your guests! 

Since rose gold is very popular this year, we're sure that these centerpieces will be a great addition to your special day.

Sand and water

Want to surprise your guests with a gorgeous and unique centerpiece? Of course you do, and while all of these are breathtaking, consider this DIY.

Find glass vases of different heights and alternate candles floating on water and beautiful flowers (without their stem) placed on sand that you've filled the vase with. 

If you mix up the heights of the vases with sand and flowers, you can encircle them with candles for a fairy-like masterpiece. 

Woodland wonder

So you want to come up with something that's down to earth that will go down in the books for one of the most beautiful centerpieces? Try bringing the outdoors in with this one.

You will need cut wood with its natural edges, which are available at many DIY stores.

These pieces of wood will be used as a foundation for your flower arrangement, which can be simple arranged glasses filled with a few of your favorite flowers. 

A time before history

Such a fun DIY! Find your favorite animal or dinosaur figurines and use colored spray paint to match the figurines to the lids of mason jars. You can totally change the colors up or keep it a simple gold.

After that, grab some terrarium moss and battery-lit fairy lights to fill the inside. The result? Wonderfully unique DIY centerpieces! 


For a simple yet stunning homemade piece, try out this one. 

At a DIY store pick up a "bird's nest" arrangement and varying pots. Personalize with matching paint that reflects the colors of your wedding.

From there, you can play the pot inside of the nest and fill it with a small flower or succulent arrangement.

Mixing heights with this one could look wonderful, and, like the photo, you can use similar sticks to the next to tie it all in! 

Which of these homemade wedding decorations will you use for your wedding?

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