Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Barns

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Barns

Are you thinking of getting married in a barn? Barn weddings are very popular. But you probably have many questions about getting married and a barn. This article will answer all of your basic questions about a barn wedding.

What do you imagine when you think of the word “barn”? Do you imagine a rustic old wooden shack that has the musty smell of old hay and horses? Or is your idea of a barn, a permanent structure. One that was built hundreds of years ago out of stone and mortar by forgotten stonemasons. I grew up in the Midwest and Southern prairies, so when I think of a barn, I conjure up the wooden shacks that seem about as idyllic as horse poop. But don’t worry - professional wedding venues have converted their barns into something out of a daydream.

There are many benefits of getting married in a barn. It provides your reception hall. You can get married and hold your reception in the same location. If the weather is nice, you also have an outdoor area you can use. Finally, the barn in itself will add its character to your wedding. But you are not stuck with having a farm theme just because you are getting married in a barn.

I have talked with many owners of wedding barns. They insist that you should not limit your idea to a farm or rustic wedding. You can have a fancy wedding or a simple wedding it is up to you. Getting married in a barn does bring its unique challenges.

The first question to ask your barn owner is what kind of floor does the barn have. Some barns will have a finished floor, and others will still have a dirt floor. Both types have their pluses and minuses when it comes to your wedding. The finished floor will allow you to hold your wedding in any weather and allow you to wear any shoe. But if you’re trying for that rustic vintage theme a polished floor in a barn can ruin that illusion. On the other hand, a dirt floor May still allowing moisture if it’s a rainy day and thus you may still need a backup plan for your wedding even though You are getting married inside a covered structure. You should also ask about the bathroom situation. Not all barns will have their bathrooms. They may have a bathroom on site, or you may need to rent your Port-A-Potty. A barn main also not have air conditioning or Heating so consider that when planning your wedding day. You should also ask about catering preparation area. Some barns will have a place for caterers to prepare your reception and others will not. Once you know, then you can let your wedding caterers know how to plan accordingly.

A barn wedding is a popular wedding venue. In particular for brides who want a rustic theme. But you are not limited to just a farm-themed simply because you’re getting married in a barn. Make sure to check out the basics of the barn such as what type of floor, whether it has bathrooms and any special needs for your catering company.

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