Best Places to Elope

Best Places to Elope

What do you think are the best places in the world to elope?

I know you might be thinking - what is a blog that talks about blissful marriages go around talking about best places to elope.

And that is because I’m sure almost every couple - even Prince Harry and Duchess Catherine - has thought about it.

However, there are many other reasons why people decide to elope.

Sometimes, it is a matter of parents not approving of their child’s choice of a future mate.

On other occasions, couples just want to have a very private, intimate wedding without all of the fanfare that a traditional wedding involves. Whatever the reason that you and your beloved have for eloping is not important. The important thing is to choose the best place to elope.

It must be stated that there are many wonderful destinations for a young couple to elope.

The following examples are just a few of my personal favorites. Sometimes young couples elope on the spur of the moment and therefore may not have the time to choose the best location.

However, if you are planning to elope in the near future you should research some of the best places to elope.

Here are some alternatives to a Las Vegas drive-through marriage.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley, California is a wonderful destination for any young couple to get married.

It has amazing scenery and the weather is gorgeous year round. There are vineyards around every corner and you and your loved one can celebrate your marriage by choosing a case of your favorite wine or champagne.

Niagra Falls

Another romantic destination is Niagara Falls, Canada.

Niagara Falls is one of the most romantic locations for you to get married and to have your honeymoon.

It will be a wonderful occasion that you will never forget because of the magnificent roaring waters of the falls. The only thing that you will need to bring along is a cute pair of rubber boots and a colorful raincoat.

If you think of eloping outside of the US - double-check with your county clerk’s office to find out what you need to do make it legal. The marriage license is what says your married not the wonderful setting.

San Francisco

Have you ever heard of a singer called Tony Bennett? Tony Bennett sang the song called, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”.

The reason why Tony left his heart in San Francisco is because the San Francisco Bay Area is gorgeous. There are so many wonderful things to see including the Golden Gate Bridge and many Oceanside parks.


There is always something intensely romantic about the Caribbean.

Many couples are eloping to one of the many islands that are scattered throughout the Caribbean.

A favorite destination for many is a wonderful location called Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

This Oceanside resort offers a variety of all-inclusive destinations.

The crystal blue waters of the Caribbean are some of the most beautiful waters in the entire world. One of the advantages of an all-inclusive elopement is that you do not have to think about anything except enjoying your honeymoon.

Another exciting Caribbean destination is the private island of Kamalame Cay, Bahamas.

This private island contains 96 private acres with only 19 seaside rooms and villas.

The couple that owns this beautiful resort are from Jamaica and they truly understand the beauty of the islands.

This island is only a 150 miles from Miami but when you go there you will feel like you are in another world. This would make an awesome destination for any young couple.


One of the world’s favorite destinations to elope is to Paris, France.

There is nothing more romantic than a casual stroll on the Left Bank.

There are many places to stay that are surrounded by galleries, shops, and so much more.

Paris France has always been one of the premier cities for weddings of all types. Imagine what your bride would say if you surprised her with an elopement to Paris, France?


A newer, novel idea that will offer you a wonderful place to elope is to go on a cruise.

A cruise ship offers everything that you would ever want. You have fine dining, comfortable accommodation, interesting ports of call, entertainment, and a lot of fun.

Taking a cruise as a place to elope is an awesome idea that you will never forget. As a bonus, you can choose a cruise that goes to a variety of wonderful destinations. Whether it is in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or even up to Alaska, a cruise is a good choice for an elopement.

Disney World

Have you ever considered eloping to Disney World in Orlando, Florida?

Disney World has a variety of theme parks that will entertain you morning and night. If you stay at one of the Disney resorts you can relax and travele back and forth to any of theme parks that you choose. You can even choose a diner plan which will allow you and your new bride to sample some of the best foods from around the world.

New Zealand

Have you ever considered New Zealand as a destination for your honeymoon? New Zealand is one of the more environmental friendly countries in the entire world. Many young people today are concerned about the environment and therefore New Zealand would be a wonderful country to elope to if you enjoy incredible natural scenery.

London, England

If you like history and architecture from years gone by then you and your future mate should elope to London, England.

You can spend months touring all of the various museums and historical locations in and around London.

You would be able to visit some of the more famous locations such as Buckingham Palace, the world-famous British Museum, and the incredible Tower of London. London is a classic destination for couples who love history. As a bonus, many of London’s top 10 special attractions are free which makes London very affordable destination.

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