8 Ways to Take Your Wedding Makeup to the Next Level

8 Ways to Take Your Wedding Makeup to the Next Level

This page contains referral links which means I earn a small commission on purchases. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, then you will need to wear makeup. But this can be stressful because you are the focal point of the entire celebration. And you want to look your best for all of the photographs that will be taken. Use these tips to improve your wedding day makeup.

  1. You don’t need makeup with sunscreen on this day. Makeup with sunscreen is essential for everyday life. But it can give you “ghost face” in photographs. In particular, when people take photos with direct flash such as with their camera phones. So get a good makeup without SPF in it to avoid these issues.

  2. You want to use loose power as your base. There’s a reason why actors are always getting powder applied to their makeup in between takes. A powder based foundation will remove the shine and keep you looking your best for your wedding photos. And nobody wants to look shiny in their wedding photos.

  3. Make your eyes look beautiful with false eye lashes. Nobody wants to cover their eyes with a pound of mascara. Make your eyes look bright and happy by using fake lashes.

  4. If you are wearing a veil, then skip the lip gloss. There’s no reason to go through the extra trouble with applying lip gloss if nobody can see your lips. This also can reduce the chances of a mishap when applying your makeup - in particular, if you’re applying it yourself on the big day.

  5. If you are waxing, then do it at least 3 days before the ceremony. If you plan to wax for your magical ceremony, then you should do it a few days in advance. That way any bumps or redness has a chance to fade away before you walk down the aisle.

  6. Primer is a must. Applying a makeup primer to your face will go a long way to having a fantastic look for your wedding. It can keep skin fresh for dry skin. Or keep the pores open for oily skin. And it will help your makeup last the entire day.

  7. Make sure your bridal party has oil blotting sheets for you to use. Before you take your photos, make sure you don’t look wet. This is why blotting sheets are important. They will help make sure you look your best before those important photos.

  8. You need waterproof mascara. You’re going to cry. And you don’t want to look like a mess because of your eye makeup. So get some good mascara that have been designed to be water resistant so that it can hold up for your big day.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. At least until you have kids.

And to look your best you will need to be wearing at least a little bit of makeup.

These tips will help you look and feel the best for that magical day where you celebrate finding your lifetime partner.

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