7 Tips to Be Less Stressed Before Your Wedding

7 Tips to Be Less Stressed Before Your Wedding

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There are many kinds of stress in our lives, but we can easily sort them into two main categories: distress and eustress. The primary difference between the two examples is that eustress is often associated with good things or life events. A perfect example of eustress is your upcoming nuptials. However, our bodies can’t easily differentiate between good stress or bad stress (distress). This often finds us reacting negatively to any type of stress by sending mixed body signals that can leave us feeling anxious and and run down before our weddings.

And, no bride obviously wants her wedding day to be full of stress.

After all, isn’t this supposed to be one of the happiest times in your life? Thankfully, there are tips that can reduce wedding stress so you can enjoy your big day. To help keep stress at bay and maintain feelings of calm, we have created the ultimate guide to reduce stress on your wedding day. Please scroll through the following practical 7 tips to be less stressed before your wedding:

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Often, stress makes it feel like every decision is vital to the success of your wedding and marriage. This can take our eyes off the ultimate goal and cause high levels of emotional and financial stress. It’s important to ask yourself if it will matter in a few weeks or years if you don’t get the perfect invitations, menus, flower arrangements, and more. By taking a step back, it’s possible to refocus your efforts where it will really matter in the long run. This places your focus on what truly matters: a happy committed relationship.

Ask for help.

Many frugal and goal oriented couples want to do everything themselves when it comes to planning and hosting a wedding. While DIY is a great way to save some money and stamp your personality on the big day, it can quickly spiral out of control and lead to some major stress as you struggle to help craft centerpieces, address invitations, tie pew bows, or more. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your friends, family, and community members for help so you don’t become overwhelmed and overworked.

Start journaling.

Journaling (editor - like with our journal) a simple way to kick stress to the curb and organize your thoughts. Writing and doodling are a therapeutic practice that allows reflection on life events, thoughts, and goals. It can lead to a burst of creativity, jump start problem solving, and improve communication skills, all while providing a healthy outlet for negative feelings and stress.


One easy and inexpensive tip to be less stressed before your wedding is to practice meditation. By taking a few minutes everyday to focus on breathing and generating calming thoughts, you can neutralize frayed nerves and reclaim some inner peace. A wonderful quality of meditation is it can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, and doesn’t require pricey equipment or memberships. If you need help breathing your way to calm, consider looking for a video or online to help learn proper breathing, yoga positions, or guiding your thoughts.


We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” and there is some surprising truth behind that adage. Laughing lightens your mood, but it also can stimulate your organs, release endorphins, relieve stress responses, and soothe muscle tension. These are all physical responses that can reduce stress. Set aside some time before the wedding to watch a funny comedy, hang out with friends who tell hilarious stories, and find ways to laugh. (Update for June 2018) - You should also check out this great resource too.

Get enough sleep.

One key to reducing stress is as simple as getting enough rest and sleep. Shut eye is critical when it comes to regulating moods, memory, judgment, and even stress. Researchers have found everyone would be healthier and happier if we were able to enjoy an extra hour or 90 minutes of sleep nightly. So, give yourself the permission to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night so you can recharge and put the snooze on stress.

Create a home spa.

It’s not always possible to run off for a luxurious day of pampering at your favorite spa or salon. Thankfully, we can create our own relaxing getaway in our homes. Take advantage of scented candles, luxurious bath products, relaxing playlists, and skin products to bring a soothing treatment to you without the hassle of reservations and outlandish price tags. For added fun, invite your bridal party over for an indulgent day of bonding and pampering. In addition, your skin will look radiant and you will be refreshed when you say your “I do’s”.

This was a guest post by Cassie Brewer.

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