3 Secrets To A Green Eco-Friendly Wedding

3 Secrets To A Green Eco-Friendly Wedding

For couples who are making an effort at eco-conscious living and are planning a wedding in the near future, why not incorporate a few green aspects into your special day? There is no reason why the festivities cannot be a true representation of your commitment to not only one another, but to the planet as well. Here are a few helpful tips on protecting the environment while still hosting the wedding of your dreams.

Choose the Right Venue

One of the easiest ways to have a green wedding is to plan an event that is outdoors. Weddings can be planned in botanical gardens, beaches and even your backyard at home. There are also venues available that pride themselves in being eco-conscious and that take extra measures to protect the environment when it comes to their business operations. Aligned with finding the right venue is considering the travel impacts of getting to and from the wedding’s location. For venues that are out of town, the carbon footprint that guests may be leaving when traveling—both by car or plane—could be doing immense damage to the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the more we travel the more greenhouse gas emissions go into the atmosphere. Therefore, find a location that is central for those in attendance. Alternatively, you could have the ceremony and reception at the same location to cut down on travel time.


You can also practice eco-friendliness when it comes to your flower arrangements and bouquet. For instance, you can opt to only have potted plants at the wedding so that you can take them home and care for them, including planting them in a family garden where they will get plenty of sunlight and water at home. Alternatively, you could gift these plants to your guests so that they have an opportunity to also care for these delicate flowers. Such actions can help to clean the air with fresh oxygen production and can also stimulate ecosystems in your yard. Likewise, instead of a bouquet of fresh flowers that have been cut, choose other homemade bouquet options such as a brooch bouquet or even carry something else of sentimental value down the aisle. Such steps can go a long way towards protecting the environment.

Eco-friendly Stationery

Everyday thousands of trees are cut down to create paper products including wedding invitations and stationery. When it comes to invitations and save-the-dates, the most eco-conscious way to invite guests to the wedding and have them RSVP is through an e-invite. By doing everything online, you ensure that you do not support the needless cutting down of trees. Additionally, you could create a wedding website where you guests can RSVP through the site and have the information sent directly to your email inbox. These digital documents cut down on the need for paper—the invitation, the envelope and even the stamp from needing to be mailed. However, if you do opt for paper search for invitations that have been created from recycled paper. Then encourage your guests to recycle the invites instead of tossing them in the trash after the wedding.

So, for couples who actively embrace green living, there is no need to be worried that you’ll have to plan a wedding that is less than green! It may seem complicated to take additional measures in support of Earth-friendliness, but this could not be any further from the truth. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many options for incorporating eco-friendly practices into your big day. You can not only have the wedding that you’ve envisioned but you get to reduce any environmental impacts that your wedding could cause.

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