Hi, I’m Mark.

People wonder why I would run a website about weddings.

The biggest mistake I made in marrying my wife is how I dealt with our wedding.

And I don’t want you to repeat those mistakes.

I have been with my wife ever since our first official date, which was the day after Valentine’s Day. Because of that year, Feb 15 was on a Saturday.

We have never been apart since. In fact, I moved in with her as soon my lease was up in May of that year.

We had no intention of ever splitting up. But we also had no intention of getting married. We are both fans of Kurt Russel and Goldy Hawn. Who have been together for like 40 years but never married.

My wife’s parents had no problems with us living together. As long as we didn’t ask them for money they didn’t care what we did.

Then one day we were visiting my parents. They are more religious than my in-laws. For my liberal friends, they are super-religious. But I grew up in Waco. Compared to many people I know my parents are borderline atheists.

Anyway, as we were getting into our car to go back to Dallas, my Dad whispered into my ear “Can you just marry Jessica so your Mom quits complaining to me about y’all just living together.”

So that night. While we sat on the couch watching TV. During a commercial break.

Without a ring.

Or much of a thought.

I told Jessica what my Dad said.

And that’s how I proposed.

We then ended up trying to figure out how to have the cheapest wedding possible.

In part because we didn’t have any money.

And in part because I had worked an expensive wedding as a catering helper as a college job. And didn’t want to blow the cash on what I thought was a waste of money.

I would do it differently now.

I now know there’s a lot of ways to hold a Cinderella wedding on a pauper’s budget.

And to have something more romantic than a proposal while you sit on the couch during a commercial break.

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