10 Wedding Planning Myths You Don't Need to Stress Over

Wedding planning is an incredible experience, but let's face it - it can be stressful. Let us help by exposing these 10 myths you can let go right now.

People dream about extravangent weddings pulled directly from the pages of a princess fairytale. Decadence, splendor and an extravegent time are always dancing in the heads of soon-to-be newlyweds.

However, few weddings are perfect. Coordinating such a large event never fails to create unforseen difficulties.

Couples should always head into weddings ready for anything.

That being said, most people stress far too much over their wedding planning. Accepting imprefection should mean less stress for yourself, not more.

There're a certain group of ideas that people obsessively adhere to when planning their wedding. They're "traditional" wedding concepts that everyone follows only because they're tradition.

Most people can't name the origin of these "values," so why all the stress? Wedding planning is a straightforwad and even enjoyable process when all the myths are debunked.

Sit back, relax, and prepare for your wedding with the 10 wedding planning myths you don't need to stress over.

One Partner's Parents Have To Pay

Tradition says the  bride's parents pay for the wedding. The "bride's" parents should tell you this is an outdated concept from the start. Wedding "partners" more accurately describes two people getting married in the modern world.

Sit down beforehand with both families to discuss wedding finances. It's possible the bride's parents will pay for the entire wedding, or maybe the groom's family picks up the bill. Knowing where everyone stands financially will dispell any unpleasant feelings about money leading up to the big day.

Weddings Are Always Expensive 

Every wedding has the potential for extravegence. There is always a "better" version of anything you can imagine. However, this doesn't mean you need to break the bank to enjoy your wedding.

Do everyone a favor and put aside money. The biggest and best of anything is meaningless if it stresses your budget. Weddings are about sharing a special moment with someone you love, not about having nicer plates than your cousin's reception.

Every Detail Must Be Meaningful

So you've put aisde the money and decided to focus on the moment. That's great! But take care not to assign every little detail sentimental value. Sometimes people obsess over inconsequential details like the correct vase for your dinner table arriagnment.

Don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to planning. There are always more things to take care of, and you won't have enough hours in the day to handle them all. Pick and choose what's really important.

You're Responsible For The Wedding Planning

The bride and groom aren't responsible for planning any more of their wedding than they choose. Wedding planners exist for this reason. Your planner is in charge of physically coordinating the event.

Your only respnsibility is dictating a general wedding outline. Food, venue, and the other major parts of your wedding require your input, but your planner can handle the small things. However, feel free to involve yourself in every detail if you'd like. After all, it's your wedding.

Both Wedding Parties Must Be Equal

There's a strange notion that the bride and groom must have equal wedding parties. No will judge either of you for having a large or small group of groomsmen or bridesmaids.

The reasons for different sized parties are endless. Maybe he has three brothers and two best friends, and you're an only child with two best friends.

Naturally, your wedding party is smaller. Ignore pressure to fill out your party for the sake of equal numbers. Only share the day with people you truely want beside you.

The Seating Chart Must Be Perfect

Any wedding planner will advise a seating chart. Charts make dinnertime easier for everyone, especially the caterer. Though bear in mind, you're dealing with adults. People will simply switch spots if the chart isn't to everyone's liking.

Don't over think your seating arraignment when it is inventiably going to balance itself out.

5-Star Dining Or Bust

Wedding food is usually "meh" at best. Quality suffers because people insist on hiring a catering company specializing in "luxury" food. The problem is, no food prepared in mass quantities will outshine a restaurant meal.

Opt for a catering company that cooks simple food that tastes good. Farm-to-table gastropub food can outshine a bouillabaisse in mass quantities.

Your Best Friend Can Take Great Photos

Disregard this if your friend is a professional photographer.

For everyone else, your wedding is something you'll want to remember forever. A friend might play the part of photographer fine, but he or she might also forget to capture your wedding kiss, or vows, or walk down the aise, etc.

A professional wedding photographer knows where to stand and when to stand there. Don't risk missing out on memories because your friend was talking to that cute guy or girl during your first dance.

DIY Makes Things Special 

You can make almost any part of your wedding DIY, from your dress to your flow arriangments. That however, doesn't mean you should. Similar to meaningful details, not everything needs to be 100 percent unique.

The amount of time leading up to your wedding is already limited. Don't make yourself more stressed by adding handmade corsages to the ever growing to-do-list.

The Bride, Her Father, and The Aisle

How important is it that the brides father, and only the father, walks her down the aisle?

Sharing your final walk as single women with your father is a sentimental and beautiful thing. Sharing your final walk as a single women with your mother, mother and father, aunt, uncle, sister, cousin, or brother is also a sentimental and beautiful thing.

Who walks you down the aisle doesn't matter, so long as you're happy.

The time leading up to your wedding is hectic, there's no avoiding it. Time will always feel like it's in short supply.

By squashing these 10 wedding planning myths you might find your schedule gets a little bit calmer. Your stress levels might fall, and you might realize, it's your wedding and you can plan it however you choose.

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